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LockMyPix VS. Other Apps

Thanks to the smartphones we have thousands of pictures on our phones and it makes us happy to save every moment for the future. Our phones are not just phones but a very important part of our life. It knows everything about us..

So, what happens if our phone get’s lost? Or someone grabs it? So what? In the worst case someone will publish our privates on the internet. You know: What lands on the Internet will last forever. We have to protect ourselves to keep our privacy! Whatever happens to our phone and whoever grabs it!

LockMyPix is a private AES CTR encrypted vault where we can store all pictures and videos of our families, childrens, partner and more. A private vault that can be opened by nobody else but you.

Well, there are many “photo safe” or “video locker” apps out theres but most of them are as easy to crack as baking pancakes according to instructions. A secure app must use encryption, because only encryption is really (really) secure and protects even in an emergency case.  And when I speak of encryption, I’m talking about the most secure encryption available – AES!

Start with your own LockMyPix vault to keep your privates always secret.