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LockMyPix VS. Other Apps

Todays Smartphones keep hundreds and thousands of our private memories, photos and videos. We can save every moment, share and view. Well, our phones are our life!

So, what happens if our phone get’s lost or someone just grabs it? What happens to your most private photos and videos? In worst someone publishs your privates on the internet and as we know: Once published will last forever. We have to protect ourselves to keep our privacy! LockMyPix protects each of your important photos and videos and secures them against hackers, prying eyes and dangerous situations.

LockMyPix is a AES CTR encrypted vault where we can store all pictures and videos of any kind. A private vault that can be opened by nobody else but you!

Well, there are many “photo safes” or “video locker” apps out there but most are easier to hack than baking pancakes! LockMyPix is reliable because it uses true encryption for each file. And hey, I’m talking about the one of the most secure encryptions available: AES!

Start with your own LockMyPix Vault NOW and keep your privates always secret 😎

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