Protect your privacy

Secure photo & video vault

LockMyPix is a secure photo gallery where you can hide and save all your pictures and videos with a private PIN. It has never been so easy to hide pictures and videos and save them at the same time. Quick and clear.

Without limitations

Secure your most private pictures and videos with AES encryption. Without limits and limitations and no matter whether 20 or 50000 files. Even if your device memory is full, you can simply switch to the SD card.

AES encrypted

Real encryption ensures that your private pictures / videos are always protected.
LockMyPix combines real AES encryption with a unique safe. Only those who know the PIN can open the safe and that is only you.

Get LockMyPix for and start protecting your privacy
Free of charge

The vault for your smartphone

For free

Use LockMyPix as much as you want, for free. And if you need more features, get LockMyPix Pro for small money.

Photos & Videos

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Safe as many photos and videos as you want – without limitations.


Security in all situations, even if the smartphone / tablet is lost

Ready to enter your privacy?

LockMyPix has been awarded by trade magazines, such as Computerbild, and PcTipp

The strong protection with AES encryption gives you security in all situations. Whatever happens!

A clear design combined with nice animations. Feather light and uniquely effective.

People love it!

Love the idea of having different codes to unlock app to view or add photos and videos.

Unkown Google Play

Nicely designed app and excellent support from the developer.

Dimitrios Varthalitis Google Play

Good for all my private family photos. Thank you!

Angelina K. E-Mail

Used similar apps but this is the best vault

Petra Doland Google Play

Very simple app, quick encryption, not much anything wrong with it. Not even ads!

TheBen sir Google Play

I love it. Keeps my boyfriend away in a excellent way.

Sally Baby Google Play